Saturday, September 8, 2012


Estate Sale Shopping!

When you stumble across a gem of a house...a cool, mid-century, wacky home, that is open to the public to tour and rummage through, you MUST go see! Not only see, but BUY something special, amazing, and worthy of the time you spent in line with the other Saturday sale seekers.

Here is what I found this week:

L O V E this! I imagine it serving spiked ice tea at our next dinner party. yum.
Beverage Dispenser...$25
Zen courtyard makes waiting peaceful

Cool Couch...$395
I had a ticket written for the couch, but when my 6'4" husband arrived after riding his bike all morning, my couch purchase was vetoed...he has very specific dimension qualifications for furniture in lounge areas of the house. So now I will just imagine it recovered in the amazing fabric of my choice, and long to find something similar, but big enough to fit everyone's needs... sigh.


  1. even though the couch was vetoed, the beverage dispenser is TOTALLY cool. love, when are we coming over for the spiked iced tea??!