Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Brunch

The Big Apple. 

With everything I've been reading about NYC fashion week (so sad it's over), my heart longs for another trip there with my sweet, pretty friends and family. Shopping, eating, more shopping, walking, drinking, shopping, eating. Some sleeping. Here's a glimpse of my last visit...and my favorite part of big-city living...
BRUNCH!First...What to WEAR...
One great outfit...good layers for cool days to come. Jcrew sweater (WITH pockets!), Kate Spade "Jesse" blouse, Mandy pant, and Shelly heels 
                                                       Now...what to EAT...
to-die-for eggs at Brown

my pretty mom :) Bloody Mary EVER

My ABSOLUTE favorite part about NYC...40 carrots yogurt at bloomingdales...i'm in heaven.

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