Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Travels

I'm using this week's post to field some ideas for upcoming where do YOU think I should go?? Here are some requirements...

1) Less than a day's travel (5 hours) from Memphis, TN
2) Good place to eat, sleep, shop, ride a bike uphill (obviously jon's request)
3) Nice scenery for taking in sunset
4) Cheap

*Meeting at least one requirement is sufficient to make the list.

My travel buddy

Frye flats should come along too!

Nice sunset...a MUST


  1. You should go to Sewanee and wander around the University of the South and then go for a walk through the Fiery Gizzard nearby. It's one of my favorite places ever! It's between Nashville and Chattanooga. You can stay in Chattanooga and let your husband ride his bike up and around lookout mountain, while you shop at Knitting Mill Antiques, Leo handmade Gallery (locally made art + clothes), and the other shops on Coolidge avenue. You can walk from there across the walking bridge to the art district. The best spot for sunsets is on lookout mountain where you can watch hanggliders and overlook the valley. Seriously, sewanee + chattanooga in the fall = glorious. go when the leaves our at their prime. oh and eat at Alleia on Main Street.

  2. THANK YOU! I'm planning this trip now...what an insightful suggestion. All of the boxes are ticked, and I'm planning my weekend of outfits as we speak. Thanks again!!! (email me your mailing address for a little treat!)