Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Although I'm sure by now the newspapers are being recycled and coffee mugs are on the heated dry cycle...this is how my morning began...

I finally got Jonathan a "manly" mug from Starbucks, (the cute, colorful, quirky Anthro numbers weren't quite doin' the trick), but I've quickly re-claimed this over sized cup while he stepped out to walk the dogs. Sorry, darling!

This issue of Marie Claire is quite good, I ESPECIALLY like the advice from icon/fashion guru, Tim Gunn on page 96...take a look. He explains how to wear metallic, invest in the perfect coat, and pull off trends to suit your body type. LOVE. My Sunday morning brunch (Kona coffee+fashion advice) is fabulous.

starbucks mug, kona coffee, marie claire and elle magazine 

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