Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Brunch

I feel lucky to live in a place where super awesome- tasting tomatoes are available all the time. And I'm ALSO lucky to have a former-chef husband who makes them taste even MORE magical with a watercress salad and quinoa. LOVE.
tomatoes from campbell farmer's market


"Let things taste of what they are" Alice Waters

Quinoa (pron.: /ˈknwɑː/ or /kɨˈn.ə/Spanishquinua, from Quechuakinwa), happens to be quite tasty! The red variety has a nutty flavor that likes to have a voice of its own in a dish, while the white has a more delicate flavor and texture. It packs nutrition and a delicate 'starchy' texture in this, surprisingly hearty winter salad of whole baby greens, heirloom campari tomatoes, with a mustardy- sherry vinaigrette.

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