Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Travels

Spontaneous, all-day adventures/travels with great people makes for a profoundly superb experience to share. Let the day take you where it may, and create your own adventure!

We started out on a nature hike in sandborn/skyline county park. This turned into..."hey, let's go to my uncle's cabin!" Which lead us to Boulder Creek, CA where we had a beer with the locals at Boulder Creek Brewery and ate fried pickles (which I HIGHLY recommend trying).

 Next, the idea of..."let's go to Santa Cruz!" and off we were. Nothing could stop us, not even rain...I even think it made things a bit more romantic. Through winding, 2-lane mountain roads we talked, listened to music and pondered how awesome the day had been/was going to be.

Finally, ocean views, fish n'chips, corn chowder, surf boards and taffy made long-lasting impressions that I will NEVER forget. WHAT a day?!

This is where we ended up...Santa Cruz. AMAZING even if it's a rainy, cold evening.  WOW. Thanks Chris for taking such a beautiful picture!

I needed these things! My Alexandra Cassaniti carry-all backpack and old-school 35 mm camera, but sadly, left them at home :(

again, our final destination. 

fish n' chips on the pier, YUM

GOOD beer at local brewery in boulder creek (santa cruz mountains)

the locals. 

seriously, boulder creek??...i WANT TO LIVE HERE!

the cabin we visited..greeted by majestic stone sculptures protecting the gorgeous stream and trees behind us. 

the beginning of our journey...making our way down the path less traveled in the redwood forrest.

seriously? AMAZING!

there's really nothing better than logs with moss, streams, redwood trees, ferns and friends.

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