Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wish List

SO my new favorite shopping site is where I found my new obsession(s). And I use the term "favorite"'s not my favorite shopping is just NOT the same as going with girlfriends. Call me old-fashioned. But if a rainy, lazy day demands time spent at home in flannel with the dogs and my is what I will be perusing while Jon works on his bike or studies for some insanely-impossible math/finance exam.

So here's my favorite thing right nowMINT colored flats. These Chloe and Lanvin numbers are ridiculous and serious WISH list items. (JCrew has an A D O R A B L E pair which WILL be mine shortly).

I envision these with dark, skinny, cropped denim, a perfect v-neck tee from JCrew, and a seersucker blazer with a statement necklace....LOVE!
Chloe flats $450
Lanvin flats $495

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